K-Bond Color Paste

K-Bond Color Paste Regent ID: KBondBalticColorPigment
K-Bond Color Paste Regent ID: KBondBalticColorPigment
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K-Bond Color Pigment can be used to tint both polyester and epoxy adhesives. Made with the highest grade raw materials, these color pigments provide consistent color matching ability and an extremely long shelf life.

Consistency: Powder

Usage Location: Interior or Exterior

Recommended Application: Polyester and epoxy adhesives.

Recommended Use: Color matching.

Processing Conditions

  • Make sure stone surfaces are clean of any substance and dry.
  • Measure out the appropriate amount of polyester resin, then measure out the appropriate amount of hardener.
  • Next carefully mix the components together. Be careful to scrape the sides and bottom of mixing cup to ensure thorough mixing.
  • Do not “stir” product. This can trap air and cause bubbles.
  • Overworking of product can cause the product to become thinner.
  • Do not use once gelling has begun.

Safety Precautions

  • Ensure good ventilation
  • Wear gloves and safety glasses
  • For further information, please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet.


Regent ID KBondBalticColorPigment
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