Master 3500 Series Routers

Master 3500 Series Routers Regent ID: MASTER3500ROUTERS
Master 3500 Series Routers Regent ID: MASTER3500ROUTERS
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The Best Selling Stone Routers In The Stone Industry! 

Click here for Master 3500 Router demonstration video by Marmoelettromeccanica

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The Master 3500, available from Regent Stone Products, continues to set the standard for portable edge profilers. The Master 3500 is a 2 speed machine (3000 RPM and 6000 RPM) that provides the optimum profiling and polishing parameters, and when used in conjunction with the Marmoelettromeccanica router bits insures the most cost effective portable router program in the industry.  With the capability to profile slabs from 2cm to 10cm thick, the Master 3500 will be a shop standard for years to come. 

*The Marmoelettromeccanica Transformer, part#: 004MS0200, is needed for these routers to operate.

Power Source

You will need to have 3 phase power in your shop or installed in your shop to power the Master Series Routers.  Alternative option is to purchase a phase converter to run 3 Phase equipment at full power from a Single Phase power source.


The Master 3500 routers are powered by a 3 Phase, 48 Volt (1,500 Watt) Transfomer.  The Transformer coverts 3 phase power down to 48 Volts to power the router safely around water.

Optional Base Designs

The Master 3500 Series Stone Router comes available in two types of base plates. The revolutionaryand most popular design is the HYDRO BASE allowing the machine to easily glide, hydorplanne on a film of water without scratching the surface of your stone.

The optional base design is the WHEEL BASE which allow the machine to easily move along the stone with the use of 16 nylon balls. It's recommend to cover your stones surface to prevent any possibility of scratching.

Repair / Replacement Parts

We offer the largest inventory of OEM parts this side of the Atlantic. A detailed parts breakdown is available and parts can be ordered online.

We also offer an in-house repair department for the Master Series Routers.  Contact your account manager for a Repair Number and let them know the issues you are experiencing with your router. Please remember to carefully package your router for shipping.  We will not be responsible for any damage incurred during shipping to our location.

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