Abaco Slab Lifter for Marble & Granite

The best and most popular, stone lifter in stone fabrication shops across the world.

The compact design of the Abaco Little Giant Lifter will help resolve the issue where the headroom is a problem. The white rubber on the ALG's is a non-marking rubber to keep material from getting unsightly marks during handling procedures.

When it comes to replacement parts for the lifters, this is the most purchased part.

The replacement locking latch kit is for both the Abaco 50 and 75 lifters.  The kits include locking latch, spring, and bolt.

Additional supplies for the Abaco Lifters and Boom to make ease of moving stone.

The Wire Sling

The Cable Connect Sling allows for extra lifting rooms when the headroom is not an issue. It can be used with all of our Lifter and Forklift Booms.  The wire sling can support weight up to 3,300 lbs.

The replacement springs can be purchased separately from the locking latch kit.

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