Omni Carts and Dollies

Omni Carts and Dolly's

Omni Cubed's carts allow you to move and install stone more safely and with greater efficiency--featuring rubber-lined support rails to prevent damage, integrated stone clamp(s), and non-marking, flat-free tires.

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  1. Omni Cubed Pro-Cart AT1
    Omni Cubed Pro-Cart AT1

    Starting at $80.00

  2. Omni Cubed Pro-Cart AT2
    Omni Cubed Pro-Cart AT2

    Starting at $185.00

  3. Omni Cubed Pro-Dolly HD1
    Omni Cubed Pro-Dolly HD1

    Starting at $375.00

  4. Omni Cubed Pro-Lift Automatic
    Omni Cubed Pro-Lift Automatic

    Starting at $4,995.00

5 Items

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