Hand Held Carry Clamps

Get a secure grip on your stone for safe and easy transport!

These New Carry Clamps from Stone Pro take the advantages of the previous style and makes a high-quality clamp at an affordable price.  It comes with completely round handles for better gripping power.  Newly designed no-slip rubber pad. Sold in pairs. Clamps are rated to lift 475 lbs. per set.

Quick, "Grab and Go" Carry Clamp

The Mega-Jaw™ is a quick and easy, gravity-assisted carry clamp. The clamps distribute weight to both arms, reducing strain and enabling the safer, more ergonomic carrying of stone. The clamps feature strong, lightweight aluminum arms and durable, non-marking rubber gripping pads.

Double Handed Carry Clamps are designed for safely lifting and transporting stone slabs without using a forklift truck.

These fully vulcanized rubber pads provide added grip and prevent damage to the slabs. The weight of the slab exerts a sufficient clamping force for such a simple lifting device. By eliminating the use of a forklift truck, the carry clamps help you to work more efficiently on smaller jobs. You can use multiple carry clamps to move larger slabs with ease.

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