Weha Suction Assembly

Weha Suction Assembly Regent ID: WEHASCTASM
Weha Suction Assembly Regent ID: WEHASCTASM

Supports and protects your kitchen and bathroom tops in transport, reducing the chance of breaking the top.

WEHA Suction Assembly consists of 2 capped aluminum rails and 12 double suction cups.  Special aluminum profiles allow a safe placement of the suction cup, which are individually adjustable.

The Replacement Double Suction Cup for Suction Cup Assembly are designed specfically for the Weha Suction cup assembly. They have the hook and lever on the underside of the handle to clamp onto the special grooves in the rail of the Suction cup assembly so that they don't come off.


  • Rail lenght: 7 feet
  • Includes 2 rails
  • Includes 12 Double Cups
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