Abaco Vacuum Cups

The easy way to lay tile

These 4-1/4 Tile Suction Lifters are perfect for the gripping and placement of tiles.  Suction Lifters are sold in pairs and come with a convenient carrying case. Carry case prevents loss or damage of the Suction Cup.

The textured, powder-coated, heavy-duty aluminum handle provides excellent grip when moving around the stone.

The Double Suction Lifter features two 4-3/4" (120mm) cups, designed for use on a non-porous surface. High-quality rubber for the extended life of the lifter. Aluminum handles are powder coated to eliminate hand from slipping.

Designed for lifting and moving flat and smooth surface materials.

The Abaco 8" Vacuum lifter features an eight-inch vacuum pad and lightweight ABS pump and handle. This vacuum cup has a horizontal lifting capacity of 100 lbs. with a vertical lifting capacity of 100 lbs. A great tool for moving granite, marble, engineered stone, and glass. It comes in a heavy-duty carrying storage case.

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