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Weha Single Sided A-Frame Storage Rack with Cross Bar Safety Yellow

Weha granite and stone Single Sided A-Frame Storage Rack with Crossbar is made to support granite, marble, engineered stone, quartz, quartzite, and all other sheet materials. The Weha Single Sided A-Frame Storage Racks are made to hold full bundles of both 2cm and 3 cm material.

Excellent Use for Transportation

The Weha Large Single Sided A-frame is excellent for transporting finished countertops and island in-box vans. The backside can be placed flat against the walls, leaving plenty of room to load the vans as well as access tools throughout the truck.

It is also excellent in the shop near bridge saws or CNC machines. It can be placed right against the wall and be used for storing scheduled jobs.

Weha Hippo Heavy Duty Multi Bundle Rack

Weha Hippo Bundle Rack offers the strongest and largest weight capacity granite and stone bundle rack produced. The Weha Hippo HD Bundle Rack set comes with two 10 foot bases and 16 posts with white rubber caps and is rated to support the heaviest bundles of stone out there.

Weha wanted to combine weight capacity with the high frequency of moving bundles that generally fatigue less weight capacity granite bundle racks. The Weha Hippo HD Bundle Rack will do both of these for many years to come.

Plenty of Room To Fit in Vans and Box Trucks

At only 26" wide, the Weha Single Sided A-Frame Cart allows plenty of room in vans and box trucks for additional installation equipment. To save space, it can be placed against a wall for in-shop use. Made of Galvanized steel. It comes with forklift receivers for easy moving. The base and uprights come with replaceable rubber to prevent scratches and come with 4 upright and tie-down straps for secure transport.

Weha Universal Stone Buggy Shop and Install Cart

The Weha Universal Stone Buggy Shop Cart is a great in-shop buggy for storing tops, remnants, and backsplashes.

Weha R400 Scissor Lifter Slab Grab with small dimensions and galvanized surface

Lift full slabs of natural and engineered stone: granite, marble, quartz, onyx, etc. Jaws and other contact surfaces are completely rubber-coated. A return spring keeps it in the vertical position. Locking automatically (patented design).

The Achilli SC800 PC is Pendent Controlled.

The Achilli Tilting Stone Slab Transport Carts are excellent for:
Moving a stone slab from a boom and lifter in the vertical position and then taking it to the saw, or table or CNC and horizontally loading it.

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