Weha Stone Dollies

Weha R400 Scissor Lifter Slab Grab with small dimensions and galvanized surface

Use with Forklift boom, jib crane or overhead crane

Lift full slabs of natural and engineered stone: granite, marble, quartz, onyx, etc.
Jaws and other contact surfaces are completely rubber coated.
A return spring keeps it in the vertical position. Locking automatically (patented design).

Weha Yellow 2 Wheel Install Slab Dolly with 10" Pneumatic Tires

1100 lb Capacity Safety 

The Weha Yellow 2 Wheel Slab Dolly is a great install dolly for bringing in larger pieces and islands.

Special 10" Rubber tires with weight capacity of 1100 lbs give this granite install dolly plenty of weight lifting power to handle any install.

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