Hand Polishing Pads

Hand Pads are Excellent for Tight Spaces!

Great for last-minute touch-ups and finishing delicate surfaces

Regent Stone Products had diamond hand pads available in two styles: foam-backed and Velcro backed. These diamond hand pads are great for use on granite, marble and engineered stone for touch up as well as getting into those tight corners not accessible with polishing wheels.

There are various different types of Hand Pads.

  • Craftsman's Choice Foam Hand Pads - Metal & Resin matrix
  • Abrasive Tech Foam Back Hand Pads - Metal & Resin matrix
  • Abrasive Tech Hand Pads - Paper-like pads used with or without a hand block
  • Alpha Diamond Hand Pads - Metal & Resin matrix

For even more options, we ask you to take the opportunity to explore our full collection of granite polishing pads and accessories at Regent Stone Products now.

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