Portable Routers & Bits

Portable Routers & Bits

Carries a full inventory of diamond router bits for the fabrication of stone countertops!

Even though stone fabrication CNC machines have been on the market a while and their prices have come down slightly, the portable stone router is still the workhorse in most shops. In fact, portable routers are the cornerstone for almost all shops; it's the machine you started with and the machine you keep around even if you own a CNC machine... just in case.

Portable stone routers are nothing without the diamond tooling they use to power through granite, marble, and engineered stone. Diamond router bits are offered in many readily available profiles such as the popular Ogee, Full Bullnose, Eased Edge and the growing in popularity bookspine (Crescent Edge).

Regent Stone Products offers different brands of router bits that will fit most of the popular portable routers on the market today.

  • Marmoelettromeccamica Router Bits
  • BluePremium HS (Hight Speed) Router Bits
  • Apexx Router Bits
  • Zenesis Router Bits
  • Cyclone Router Bits

In addition to standard router bits, we also offer:

  • Pre-cutting wheels
  • Frangistone - Razorstone
  • Segmented Position 0 wheels to extend the life of your position 1 & 2 metals
  • Breaker Bits
  • Clean-up wheels (great for inside sink cutouts)

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