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Stain Removal

Get Rid Of Those Awful Stains From Your Stone

Did you know that granite, marble, concrete and other natural stones are porous like a sponge? Because of the porosity of stone, it is important to remove spills immediately from any stone surface before it has time to seep into the pores. However, even if you're doing your part to maintain the stone, stains just happen naturally. For this reason we carry a variety of products designed to remove these very stains, whatever the cause may be.
Regent Stone Products carries different forms of stain removers including poultice powders, creams, pudding-like consistencies.

Interested in poultice powdered formulas? Try Tenax TeClean Stain Remover, a popular item on the market. After mixing the formula with water, it soaks deep into the stone and pulls out almost any stain from coffee, tea, wine, etc. It is an easy-to-use product, so it is a must try.

If you're interested in a thicker no-mix formula, Easy Stone Care brings your their product called Ready To Use Stain remover. It has a pudding-like consistency used to remove stains from natural stone.

Having trouble deciding which stain remover is best for your needs? We can help! Give us a call at Regent Stone Products toll free at 1-800-624-8210