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Blick Location Devices

Blick Industries Location Devices: Solutions for your Holding Problems

Stops are used to locate work pieces on the table of a machine. The various styles shown below all serve the same purpose of providing a rigid reference point during setup which can then be removed or lowered to provide clearance for cutting tools while the machine is in operation.

Types of Location Devices:

  • The Pin-stop consists of a vacuum base and a removable delrin pin. The delrin pin is placed over the stainless steel pin on the base during setup, and then removed during the machining cycle. The pin-stop provides a simple, cost effective solution.
  • The Edge-stop uses the same removable pin as the pin-stop. Two pins protruding from the base of the unit reference against one of the edges of your machine’s table allowing quick, repeatable setup.
  • The Flip Stop is the standard locating device used on Breton machines with slotted tables.