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Tools for Granite, Marble, Quartz, Tile,
Stone Restoration & Concrete Polishing
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Edge Polishing Pads & Backers

When It Comes To Polishing Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone Or Any Natural Stone, Regent Has The Right Pad For You!

When it comes to working with diamond polishing pads, some of the questions we frequently hear - especially from those that are new to the stone fabrication trade - are: "How do I get a perfect polish on my edges without spending too much time or money?" "With the great variety of polishing pads on the market, how do I know which ones to buy?" "Since all of the pads work in varying degrees, which is best for me?" The answer to these questions is that the perfect polish starts before you ever begin using your diamond polishing pads.

Honing pads (electroplated or vitrified pads)

Are made specifically for this purpose. By having all of the diamonds exposed on their surface, these pads can quickly sand any deep scratches remaining from the cutting or shaping process. Honing pads come in a couple of different styles, depending on the manufacturer, but the purpose they serve is the same - scratch removal and conditioning of the edge before the polishing process begins. 

Resin polishing pads

By comparison, a resin polishing pad is just that, with diamonds suspended in a plastic matrix, which gives the resin pad less aggressive capabilities. While it is true that you can hone with a coarse grit resin pad, they are not really made for this task and will wear out quickly under these circumstances.

Diamond pads are for wet and dry use on granite, marble, engineered stone, tile and other natural stones. New pads are coming to the market to polish Dekton® material that is growing in popularity.