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Antiquing Brushes

Antiquing At Its Finest

Virtually any type of natural stone can achieve an antique finish. Sometimes called a 'leathered' or 'river wash' finish, it is easy to produce a textured look that can be achieved with both manual and automatic machines. The process uses brushes that move across the stone surface removing the softer stone material while leaving the harder, more dense material, behind. This produces a unique, matte look with a texture that can be described similar to that of an orange peel.

Here's a tip when using these antiquing brushes: You must run the machines at a slow speed and with light pressure. Increased pressure does not speed the process; it only wears the brushes faster.

Regent Stone Products carries many types of antiquing brushes from Tenax and Adria.

For a two-step process, try the Tenax Filiflex Antiquing Brushes then the Airflex for a smooth and pearlescent shine. The Filiflex brushes are the first step in the antiquing process by removing the softer stone material while leaving the hard behind. The Airflex brushes come after to clean the loose material left behind and begins to polish the stone.

Regent carries Adria products that work well with your job. Looking to enhance the gloss and color of your stone surface and create a wavy texture? AdriaFlex Frankfurt Diamond Brushes are the brushes you need.  These brushes will leave your granite, marble, or onyx with a 'leather' or 'silk' finish.