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Tools for Granite, Marble, Quartz, Tile,
Stone Restoration & Concrete Polishing
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Stock Removal Pads

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4 Inch Pulsar Copper Polishing Pads

These copper bonded phenolic pads have a 40% longer life and are the longest lasting pad in the industry. They have unrivaled cutting action with an ultra high finish and are ideal for engineered stones. These pads are also great for floor restoration applications.

Pads must be opened first to remove the “mold skin” by running on the rough side of the stone for 3 to 4 seconds.   Also works well on silestone and lighter colored engineered stones

Aggressive, Flexible and Reasonably Priced

Pulsar Flex-Grind Metal pads are made from a durable hybrid resin with metal encapsulated diamonds for long life and fast stock removal. Grit range from 00 - 3000.  They are super flexible and lightweight. These pads are very aggressive and are great for use prior to your standard polishing system to enhance the life of your wet pads.  The use of black and white buffs is optional.

Rapid and Efficient Removal

These honing discs are flexible and have a metal bond that allows you to remove stock and hone edges rapidly. This product is designed for long life and fast working action. Available in 3", 4", 5", 7", 10", and 12".


Baby-Rok Diamond Discs

Baby-Rok Diamond Discs are designed for surface grinding. They will grind almost any edge at incredible stock removal rates, leaving a completely smooth finish. These discs are ideal for removing deep scratches in stone.