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Tools for Granite, Marble, Quartz, Tile,
Stone Restoration & Concrete Polishing
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Omni Cubed Products


Regent's 12 Fabrication Specialists can help you save time, money and labor with these Omni Cubed Installation Tools

Material Handling


Omni Cubed, Inc.
 is a Northern California based, engineering and design company providing high quality, innovative tooling for the stone fabrication industry. 

One of the very well received products has been the popular Omni Cubed Pro-Cart AT2 is designed to overcome the challenges of moving stone over curbs, stairs, and other rough terrain such as gravel or lawns.

Another great product for any stone shop is the ALL-NEW Stealth Seamer 90° Auto is the most versatile tool on the market for creating high-quality perpendicular seams without the hassle of straps or bar-clamps. The 90° Auto is the ideal solution for waterfall edges, mitered aprons, butt-joints, and compound corners.

Also have a look the Edge Seamer that helps take the twist out of sink rails and cutouts, and dial-in flawless seams along material edges. This leveling device works great along any edge to ensure a consistent, even joint. 

Omni Cubed, Inc.specializes in products that provide reductions in time, labor, and money spent on countertop fabrication and related processes. Omni Cubed products are proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA.