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Tools for Granite, Marble, Quartz, Tile,
Stone Restoration & Concrete Polishing
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Stone Pro Products

Stone Pro Products

The Stone Pro SR2 Vacuum Support Rail

Each SR2 has 4 adjustable suction cups connected in a series and is powered by one centrally located power unit in the base cup that is mounted on a 7' rail.

"Like Seams Never Happened"

With its ergonomic and efficient design, the Seam machine will be your go-to when it comes to seam restoration, repair, and replacement. If you want flawless, tight, and nearly invisible seams, then the Stone Pro Seam Setter is the tool you need!

This tool is built to the highest industry standards. It is designed to last and has replaceable parts to ensure its longevity.

Cup Support System to Safely Move or Set Stone Tops

Designed for the transportation of finished job pieces, this system also helps in the installation process. The precise extruded structural aluminum tubes with vacuum cups doesn't hinder setting on cabinets during installation.

Get a secure grip on your stone for safe and easy transport!

New Carry Clamps from Stone Pro take the advantages of the previous style and delivers a high-quality clamp at an affordable price. Comes with completely round handles for better gripping power. Newly designed no slip rubber pad. Sold in pairs.

Clamps are rated to lift 475 lbs. per set.

Keep your carry clamps gripping like they were brand new!

Replacement rubber pads are sold in 4 pieces per package (2 pairs). Replacement pads are newly-designed for the new version of the Stone Pro Carry Clamps, but can also be used on older models.

Replacement pads are available for this new version and the older versions of the carry clamp. Get more details for replacing the pads.

Rock Jockey

(**Only available for Abaco and Ardwolfe 50 Lifters** When attaching Rock Jockey to the Abaco 50 lifter the model year must be 2008 or newer.)

The Stone Pro Rock Jockey's purpose is to eliminate additional personnel needed for moving slabs safely.