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Tools for Granite, Marble, Quartz, Tile,
Stone Restoration & Concrete Polishing
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Weha Vacuum Lifters

Weha A1500 5 Pad Multi Configuration Venturi Vacuum Lifter

1500 lb Capacity

The Weha A1500 5 Pad Vacuum Lifter was the suggestion of a stone fabricator that was needing to do a lot of panels for a commercial job. He needed a single pad lifter to handle the smaller panels but also needed his slab lifter for full slabs, islands, and typical fab shop use. 
The result of making this lifter for him has created the most versatile multifunctional stone vacuum lifter on the market.

Weha T1200 2600lb Capacity Vacuum Lifter with Power Tilt

The Weha T1200 Pnuematic Air Vacuum Lifter is a very diverse Vacuum lifter.

Load Capacity Horizontal: 1200 KG (approx 2600 lbs)
Load Capacity Vertical: 600 KG (approx 1300 lbs)
Height without Power Tilt: 20.9”
Height with Power Tilt: 39.4” 4 Suction Pads
Each: 21.3” X 5.9”
Length of Crossrail: 59”/27.6”
Length of Operating Arm: 22.8”
Weight: 203 lbs

Weha vacuum lifters for granite slabs, marble slabs or limestone slabs insure fast, easy lifting and setting off of stone slabs, Perfect for fitting and removing from grinding machines, radial arm polishers, bridge saws or indoor transport. It has easy PVC bushings, wear-resistant vulcanized suction cups, a vacuum pump, vacuum tank and a large safety gauge with easy to read markings in red, yellow and green so you can be sure you have a good vacuum before you life the slab. With 3 large suction cups the Weha pneumatic vacuum lifters are designed for safety first!