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Rodding countertops at the weakest point, i.e., at cutouts, can significantly reduce waste and breakage when moving and installing the countertop.

The Marble Institute of America published a “Detail of Rodding Reinforcement” in 2005, which recommends that reinforcing rods be made of “stainless steel, mild steel, or fiberglass.” Expert suggest that you reinforces your stone with stainless steel due to its strength. 

Take Preventative Action and Rod Your Stone!

Don't risk cracking or breaking your stone tops during transportation, reinforce your cutouts with rodding.

Regent Stone Products has a selection of rodding blades that are sure the best way to reinforce and increase the strength of large granite countertops and granite slabs. These granite rodding blades make it easier than ever to cut a perfectly consistent slot in your granite for placing your reinforcement rods. Start rodding your granite countertops and minimize the chance of breakage.