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Tools for Granite, Marble, Quartz, Tile,
Stone Restoration & Concrete Polishing
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Shop Safety & Dust Control

Safety Is Always The #1 Priority At The Shop Or On The Job

Wet conditions, cold weather, dust particulates all things needing to be protected from in a fabrication shop and even on the job site.  Regent offers a selection of protective gearing that will keep your employees dry, warm, and safe.

Protective gear for the shop and job site

Dust Control

No matter the stone you are cutting, drilling or fabricating, dust will always collect around your work space.  When dry cutting granite, marble and engineered stone, it is best to not only use the proper safety gear but also a dust control system.

Dust can be controlled by means of a dust shroud and vacuum system like the Alpha® Ecoguards, and the Omni Cubed Dry Polishing System.  Both of these are practical for the shop and at the customer's home or business.

Water Filtration System:

Most cities now have ordinances against the sludge and slurry produced by granite, marble and engineered stone fabrication from being dumped into the city’s sewage.  Abaco Machines developed an easy-to-use collection system, the Abaco Dehydrator, that allows you to dispose of the sludge and slurry by throwing it away in your dumpster.