Radial Arm Polishing

Radial Arm Polishing

How many pieces have been thrown away over the years because you thought the top was beyond repair?

Regent has top polishing systems available now that can pay for themselves in 1 to 2 years and are relatively easy to learn.

Abrasive Technology and Alpha® Professional Tools offer 6", 8" and 10" tooling from the coarse metal up to final polish diamond systems to restore a tops high gloss.

We also carry a line of synthetic frankfurts and resin pads for use on granite, marble, limestone and engineered stone.  Adria Polishing Frankfurts are our most popular selling and offer a nice selection to achieve a quality polish on your stone.

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  1. Adria Antiquing Frankfurt Brushes
    Adria Antiquing Frankfurt Brushes

    Starting at $28.51

  2. Adria Frankfurts for Granite
    Adria Frankfurts for Granite

    Starting at $2.95

  3. Adria Frankfurts for Limestone
    Adria Frankfurts for Limestone

    Starting at $2.95

  4. Adria Frankfurts for Marble
    Adria Frankfurts for Marble

    Starting at $2.64

  5. Adria Honing Screen
    Adria Honing Screen
    446818 062SC7075
  6. Adria Resin Frankfurts
    Adria Resin Frankfurts

    Starting at $49.98

  7. AdriaFlex Frankfurt Diamond Brushes
    AdriaFlex Frankfurt Diamond Brushes

    Starting at $61.15

  8. Alpha Summit  Polishing System
    Alpha Summit Polishing System

    Starting at $174.61

  9. Cyclone 2" x 2" Resin Polishing Drums
    Cyclone 2" x 2" Resin Polishing Drums

    Starting at $21.89

  10. Radial Arm Slabmaster System
    Radial Arm Slabmaster System

    Starting at $125.84

  11. Regent Resin Frankfurt
    Regent Resin Frankfurt

    Starting at $26.52

  12. Tenax FF Fusion Frankfurt
    Tenax FF Fusion Frankfurt

    Starting at $68.90

  13. Tenax FG Frankfurt Quartz
    Tenax FG Frankfurt Quartz

    Starting at $68.73

  14. Tenax Frankfurt Bricks for Marble
    Tenax Frankfurt Bricks for Marble

    Starting at $13.15

18 Items

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