Seam Phantom Installation Tools

Seam Phantom Installation Tools Regent ID: SEAMPHANTOM
Seam Phantom Installation Tools Regent ID: SEAMPHANTOM
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An indispensable tool for Stone Fabricators wanting nearly invisible seams.

The Seam Phantom is a revolutionary tool that allows the user to create a perfectly straight, chip-free seam that becomes nearly indistinguishable from the rest of the stone. Using either the electric or pneumatic version, a carriage rides along a straight edge called a Glide Guide at a precise perpendicular angle to the stone. The Glide Guide is positioned using specially designed gauging blocks. Once the guide is aligned, it is clamped into place and the dressing process can begin.

The first step uses an undersized cup wheel that grinds a channel below the surface of the stone. There is a precise adjustment on the tool that allows the user to remove material at exactly the depth desired. This allows for your adhesive of choice to be below the seam, eliminating the need to color match it. The second step is the dressing of the seam edge. Using at most a three step series of honing pads, the seam is dressed to remove any waves or chips in the seam. The three steps are the 60 grit, 150 grit, and 300 grit SL3 Turbo Pads. Each pad is run along the seam using the distance adjustment to remove any imperfections. The third and final step is checking the seam with a straight edge to ensure you have removed any waves or unseen chips. The seam is now ready to be installed using a recommended seam joining tool, to ensure you get a tight and level seam. Once your customers are unable to easily distinguish the seams that you can provide, your reputation and product quality will surely rise to the next level.

The Seam Phantom is now available in packages that  DO NOT INCLUDE the Electric Grinder / Air Polisher! The grinder and polisher are sold seperately

CLICK HERE to see How to Convert a Seam Phantom From Electric to Air!

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