Bulletproof Apron, Deluxe

Bulletproof Apron, Deluxe Regent ID: BulletproofApronDelx
Bulletproof Apron, Deluxe Regent ID: BulletproofApronDelx
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BULLET PROOF™ fabricator aprons are here!


Gone are the days of having a rubber gasket tied around your neck with a shoe string.  Our BULLET PROOF™ fabricator aprons are lighter, more durable, and safer than any other apron on the market. With the neoprene neck strap and lightweight yet ultra-tough Cordura, you won’t even know you have it on. It is extra long and wide to keep your legs drier, and it buckles behind you to keep you safe.

Professionals use only the finest products available, and the BULLET PROOF™ fabricator apron is without a doubt the finest apron available today.


Regent ID BulletproofApronDelx
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