Blades for Porcelain, Glass & Tile

Blades for Porcelain, Glass & Title 

Are You Looking For A Blade That Will Cut Your Tile Or Porcelain?

Try Our Cyclone Turbo Porcelain Blades - New style that decreases heat caused by friction

We have several brands to choose from! Regent brands offer a good quality blade for a great price! Check out our different brands and see which is best for you.

Do you need any accessories for your job? We have a large selection of Tile Accessories. A Popular one is our Proleveling System - a revolutionary and innovation leveling system when laying medium and large materials with a thickness between 2 and 40mm. For more information on this system, click HERE!

Lets Us Help! 
Not sure which tool is right for you? We can help! We want to ensure you are getting the BEST PRICE! Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-624-8210

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  1. Alpha Katana
    Alpha Katana

    Starting at $46.16

  2. Alpha Numero Uno
    Alpha Numero Uno

    Starting at $52.07

  3. Alpha Porcellana Blades
    Alpha Porcellana Blades

    Starting at $33.68

  4. Alpha Vetro Glass Blade
    Alpha Vetro Glass Blade

    Starting at $31.83

  5. Cyclone Turbo Porcelain Blades
    Cyclone Turbo Porcelain Blades

    Starting at $27.49

  6. MK Hot Dog Blade
    MK Hot Dog Blade

    Starting at $66.06

  7. MK Tile Blades
    MK Tile Blades

    Starting at $179.00

  8. Pulsar Porcelain & Granite Blades
    Pulsar Porcelain & Granite Blades

    Starting at $20.35

  9. Zenesis Continuous Rim Porcelain Blade
    Zenesis Continuous Rim Porcelain Blade

    Starting at $18.87

11 Items

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