Alpha Tile Blades


Alpha® Tile Blades designed for use by tile professionals.

When it comes to quality diamond blades for tile cutting you have come to the right place.  These tile blades from Alpha® provide a clean, high quality, chip-free cuts.  These blades are dry cutting but can also be used wet to minimize dust and extend the life of your blades.

Alpha® Tile Blades

  • Alpha® Porcellana Blades: Produces high-quality cuts that will minimize waste and improve your bottom line.
  • Alpha® Katana: Engineered to be the only blade you will need for cutting all materials, such as porcelain, granite, marble, engineered stone, and glazed ceramic tile
  • Alpha® Numero Uno: The advanced style rim reduces the risk of chipping and breaking while providing accurate and safe cuts.
  • Alpha® Vetro Glass Blade: Designed for high-speed wet cutting of glass.
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