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If there is one thing Regent Stone Product knows, it is about cleaning and sealing solutions for various types of stone. Our products cover various types of stones from marble to engineered stone to grout and tile.

Looking to sell your counters but need a product to clean them before sealing? Cemabond All-Off is the best to use just for that! It removes all surface contaminants so the sealer of your choice (Cemabond Silicone Impregnator) can do its job properly.

If your floors are dirty and need a good cleaning, Cemabond Stone Soap is here to the rescue. It thoroughly cleans tough dirt and water stains and is an acid-free agent. But if those stains are having difficulties coming off of your floors and grout, try CemabondIntensive Cleaner. This is a heavy-duty cleaner that is sure to remove even the most difficult of stains.

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