Fila Cleaners

Soft and Hard Cleaning

Fila products are the best of the best. Both of our Fila cleaning products are great for cleaning all sorts of materials from terracotta, concrete, linoleum, and even wood flooring!

If you want an overall great cleaner for any type of floor, try Fila Neutral Cleaner. It a biodegradable formula that is great for pretreated and sensitive surfaces. Don't forget to dilute! Although it is a neutral formula, it is still strong.

For a more heavy-duty cleaner, we have a superb product just for you. Fila PS/87 is an intense 3-in-one stain remover, detergent, and wax remover. Get those stubborn stains out of your concrete floors and porcelain stoneware!

Both chemical s are good with hardwood floors! read directions carefully before applying.

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