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Italian Made - since 1937
Italians are famous around the world for their old stone care culture. Taking care of stone has been around for centuries in Italy, and is just now moving on to the United States. Many people in the US do not understand the importance of protecting their stone countertops.  Stone is an investment and it needs to be treated as such. Stone breaths and absorbs dirt over time and cannot preserve its beauty without certain maintenance! This is what new stone countertop/floor owners must learn from Italians.  

Italian company BELLINZONI is one of the biggest, oldest, and well-known producers of stone care products in the world. BELLINZONI products are used for the treatment of well-known historical monuments all around the world and the quality of the products has been proved by many years of practice. 

If you are one of those people who have to 'see it to believe it,' then order a Bellinzoni product today. You will see centuries of stone care culture protecting your investment in no time.

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