Tenax Color Enhancers

Bringing The Color Alive!

Color has been reimagined for a color spectrum that is sure to enhance the dull blemish of your stone.

When your stone has appeared to lose its spunk and attraction, you can rely on our various products from Tenax to bring back the vibrancy through its color enhancement processes. It's like magic! You no longer have to remember what your stone used to be. Stop reflecting and browse our Tenax color enhancement product line. 

For an intense color pop, try Tenax Tepox V! Its array of colors gives you plenty of options to spice up dull countertops and make them more appealing to the crowd. If you like bright colors, this is the product for you.

For less of a color pop, try Tenax Quartz Toner. It enhances the look of your countertops but does not go overboard with color. This product gives a richer and professional look for any occasion.

Any product from Tenax is great. All you have to do is try one for yourself!

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