Adria Protection Sealer

Adria Protection Sealer Regent ID: AdriaProtectionSeal
Adria Protection Sealer Regent ID: AdriaProtectionSeal
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Ultimate Sealing Protection

Good use for:

Marble, Granite, and Tiles

Adria Protection Sealer is a water and oil repellent, stain-proof impregnating sealer . Protection is highly recommended when you need a high level of protection without altering the natural color of the stone. This product has a solvent based formulation and it is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Its high quality solvents are tested to be the lowest harmful emission in the market. This product is chlorine free (a common solvent used in sealers that is known as carcinogenic agent.)

Once opened, best if used within 6 months.


330 sq. ft. with one liter




Regent ID AdriaProtectionSeal
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