Fila NoSpot

Fila NoSpot Regent ID: FilaNoSpot
Fila NoSpot Regent ID: FilaNoSpot


Have Stain Spots? No Problem!

Good stain remover spray for:

Glossy Finished Stones, Granite, Tumbled Marble, Pebbles, Cobblestone, Terracotta, Quarry Tiles, Clinker, Concrete, Natural Stones, Matte Stones and Agglomerates

Fila NoSpot is a stain remover spray that removes oil and greasy stains. Just spray and wipe! NoSpot is highy effective on outdoor terracotta wither treated or untreated with non filming products. This product leaves no traces if used on fresh stains. NoSpot cleans cracks where other stain removers just can't reach and also has a guarenteed performance on untreated surfaces. Each aerosol can is 250ml of product.

Regent ID FilaNoSpot
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