Floor Machines

Floor Machines

Need to polish and restore a natural stone floor? Look no further!

Find a great floor cleaner for the job! Try Regent Stone Product's HP1517-XHD 17" Floor Machine. It is a powerful option for any type of floor and gives you maximum power to clean even the most difficult of jobs.

We also carry the Mastercraft MCL17E. This awesome product offers different weight options, allowing you to balance energy needs at less than 15 amps and at 145 rpm, with enhanced torque.

Already have enough floor machines for your needs? Check out our Mastercraft Dryer, which is perfect to dry your wet floors. It's a great investment and will keep your floors from becoming a danger zone.

Not sure which floor polishing machine is right for your job? Call one of our expert sales reps at 1-800-624-8210 today.

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