Polishing Powders & Compounds

Polishing Your Stone Can Bring The Shine And Gloss Back To Its Surface

Stone can become scratched or lose luster over time.

The surface can usually be restored with a series of diamond abrasives, then a final polishing compound or powder. Due to the involved nature of a complete restoration, most worn stone surfaces can be dramatically improved with a simple process (usually one step) to improve the finish without the use of diamond abrasives. With the exception of acid etching, the surface can be restored to an acceptable finish for a fraction of the cost. As with any surface refinishing, there are multiple types for different stone types and conditions. 

Contact your stone restoration expert at Regent for advice on which product is best for your application. Do not use any products on a floor unless it is made for that application. Polished stone can be very slippery and can become worse with products not made to be used on floors.

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  1. Alpha Felt Wheels
    Alpha Felt Wheels

    Starting at $11.99

  2. Aluminum Oxide Polishing Powder
    Aluminum Oxide Polishing Powder

    Starting at $6.06

  3. Craftman's Choice 6" Cotton Buff
    Craftman's Choice 6" Cotton Buff

    Starting at $14.28

  4. Diamond Tool Black Oxide Polishing Powder
    Diamond Tool Black Oxide Polishing Powder

    Starting at $23.28

  5. Granite One Step
    Granite One Step

    Starting at $75.99

  6. Granite Ultimate Black
    Granite Ultimate Black

    Starting at $71.91

  7. Italian Craftsman Polish Cream
    Italian Craftsman Polish Cream

    Starting at $34.63

  8. Marble Supreme Polishing
    Marble Supreme Polishing

    Starting at $159.89

  9. MB Stone Care MB-14 Honing Powder
    MB Stone Care MB-14 Honing Powder

    Starting at $16.07

  10. Miracle Sealants Marble Conditioner
    Miracle Sealants Marble Conditioner

    Starting at $35.70

  11. Oxalic Acid Polishing Powder
    Oxalic Acid Polishing Powder

    Starting at $9.39

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