Terrazzo Is A Manmade Flooring That Is One Of The Most Practical And Durable Products On The Market!

Using either a cementitious or epoxy base, terrazzo is one of the most versatile commercial flooring products used today. The limitless varieties of colors that can be made by using different chips and tints in its production make it possible to match any interior. The ability to make different designs with terrazzo gives it widespread appeal.

Terrazzo is mixed on-site and is poured to form the floor. Brass dividers are used to separate colors when necessary and are also used for special designs. Once the floor is poured, the surface is ground to reveal the chips and give the floor its unique appearance.

The use of diamond terrazzo plugs is the most efficient method to reveal the aggregate, although carbide wheels will also do the trick. Once the grinding has been completed, the floor can then be sanded smooth and a terrazzo sealer can be used to obtain a shine. The floor can also be polished mechanically using resin diamond pads to give it a more natural look. 
Using resin polishing diamonds on terrazzo has been steadily gaining popularity due to its durability, while also eliminating the need to strip and reseal as part of the regular maintenance more typically associated with terrazzo.

Regent offers a complete line of grinding, honing, and polishing diamonds for terrazzo, along with a final polish product specifically matched to the particular job, to guarantee the best results on any terrazzo application.

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