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The beauty of granite, marble, concrete or any natural stone countertop is reflected in its glossy finish. As a homeowner, nothing is more striking than having your new stone countertop installed and admiring the shine of your investment. Over time, however, that gloss finish will start to fade from everyday cleaning and usage.

To restore the gloss, use one of the products brought to you by Regent Stone Products. 
Regent gives you an Italian Craftsman product called Pamir Synthetic Wax. It is a high-quality wax that gives your countertops the professional look you want. However, this wax is NOT a replacement for the natural polishing of your stone.

Looking for a polisher that can match the cut edge of the stone to match the top gloss finish with just pads alone? Marmoelettromeccanica Diamond Polypaste is the product for you! It has small synthetic diamonds embedded inside to help increase a stone's polished edge to match its top.

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  1. Akemi Solid Wax
    Akemi Solid Wax

    Starting at $17.95

  2. Craftsman's Choice 6" Cotton Buff
    Craftsman's Choice 6" Cotton Buff

    Starting at $8.11

  3. Miracle Sealants Anti Slip Formula
    Miracle Sealants Anti Slip Formula

    Starting at $19.95

  4. Miracle Sealants Marble Conditioner
    Miracle Sealants Marble Conditioner

    Starting at $35.70

  5. Miracle Sealants Stone Polish
    Miracle Sealants Stone Polish

    Starting at $20.95

  6. Miracle SealantsTile Brite, White
    Miracle SealantsTile Brite, White

    Starting at $24.25

  7. Pamir Synthetic Wax
    Pamir Synthetic Wax

    Starting at $17.33

  8. Simple Stone Care Wax
    Simple Stone Care Wax

    Starting at $20.35

  9. Tenax Lustro Italiano Polish & Cleaner
    Tenax Lustro Italiano Polish & Cleaner

    Starting at $14.41

  10. Tenax Telux Polish
    Tenax Telux Polish

    Starting at $29.04

  11. Tenax Wax
    Tenax Wax

    Starting at $15.04

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