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Top Polishing

Polishing Tight Corners? These Pads Will Deliver a Great Polish.

Radius and corner polishing can be difficult using traditional style polishing pads. We carry several types of pads specifically designed to make getting a great polish on that tight corner or radius easy to attain.

Using the Regent Convex Pads, available in a 3” diameter and Velcro backed, under mount sinks and Ogee edges are no longer a polishing problem.

Regent’s Corner Wheels are great for installers to use to flat polish a problem edge.

The Alpha Turboshine System is great for finishing flat areas, tight corners, and reveals.

We also carry the new Phantom SL3 System A snail lock flat polish system, it includes a quick change, durable, dynamically balanced backer designed to minimize vibration.


It is important to remember when grinding stone to always wear safety glasses. Regent offers a wide variety of safety glasses featuring clear, blue or grey lenses. Click the image below to quickly navigate to our selection of safety glasses.

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  1. Alpha Turboshine Flexible Pads
    Alpha Turboshine Flexible Pads

    Starting at $21.95

  2. Alpha Turboshine Rigid Pads
    Alpha Turboshine Rigid Pads

    Starting at $31.70

  3. Klindex Counter Top Polisher
    Klindex Counter Top Polisher

    Starting at $30.60

  4. NSI Solutions Top Polish Package
    NSI Solutions Top Polish Package

    Starting at $3.56

  5. Pulsar Corner Wheels
    Pulsar Corner Wheels

    Starting at $41.57

  6. Quartz Renew
    Quartz Renew

    Starting at $8.11

  7. Stone Renew
    Stone Renew

    Starting at $8.65

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